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Sunglasses Leke LK1873

Sunglasses Leke LK1873
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Product code: 10151
Manufacturer: Leke

How to determine the appropriate size?

The first way:

You can take your sunglasses and look at the sizes on them. The size of the glasses is usually written on the inside of the left frame, less often on the bridge of the nose, and consists of three numbers, which are separated by dashes, periods, or squares. The size is indicated in millimeters and looks like this: 50-18-140.

50 is the width of the lens.
18 is the size of the bridge on the bridge of the nose.
140 is the length of the frame of the glasses.
(sometimes the height of the lens is indicated by the fourth number, example: 50-18-140-4545 - lens height

You can find these data in the characteristics on the product page, item "Characteristics".

If you liked a frame in which the size of the glasses is not the one that is written on your glasses, do not despair. Because there are acceptable variations: lens size: +/- 5mm, frame length +/- 5mm, bridge width +/- 1 mm.
Thus, if you wear glasses of size 50-18-140, then these 45-19-135 and these 55-17-145 will also suit you.

Second way:

You need to take a ruler and measure the width of your face from temple to temple at eye level as shown in the picture. Compare the obtained result with the size of the glasses you have chosen, it is located on the website under the name "Width of the frame (mm)".

The width of the selected glasses should not differ from the measured width of your face by more than +/- 3 mm.
Also, if you already have sunglasses, you can measure their width as shown in the first picture and use this value to select the appropriate glasses.

Gender Female
Age For adults
Collection 2024
Manufacturer country China
Lens Plastic
Polarization Yes
Frame Plastic
UV protection: 100%
Frame: Plastic
Lens: plastic
Female gender
Collection: 2024
Polarization: yes

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