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Women's beret "Kalina"
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Product code: 8686
Manufacturer: Leks-Jolie

How to determine the appropriate size?

There are two simple ways to determine the head circumference:

1. Using a tailor's tape measure.

Measure the circumference of the head above the eyebrows, through the whiskey, using a tailor's tape measure, as shown in the picture. Compare these measurements with "Size" and if your size is within the acceptable range it is the product you need.

Almost all headdresses have in their design an elastic band that tightens, the so-called size stabilizer (cord) with which the size of the cap can be adjusted by 3-4 units, and therefore the size is indicated on the website in the range, for example: 53-57 means that it is suitable for a person with a head circumference of 53 cm or more. up to 57 cm.

2. Using a regular thick thread.

The thread should not stretch in length, otherwise the measurement will be incorrect. The thread must be wrapped around the head along a line, as indicated in the first method, and measure the resulting length of the thread with a regular ruler. This result will be the size of the circle of your head.

Size (head circumference in cm.)
0-2 years
Toddler 2-6 years
6-12 years old
Teenage girl
12-18 years
Adolescent boy
12-18 years
Large size

Gender Female
Age For adults
Class Beret
Season Autumn-Winter
Lining No
Collection 2023
Composition Angora-60%, PA-37%, Elastane-3%;
Manufacturer country Ukraine

Since 2001, the JOLIE brand has established itself as a leader in the production of knitted headwear, combining cutting-edge design and unrivaled quality. One of the most popular products is a knitted beret - a stylish and practical accessory that provides warmth and comfort on cold days. Thanks to its comfortable and functional design, this beret becomes an indispensable part of the winter wardrobe.

Made from high-quality materials, the beret has excellent thermal insulation, reliably retaining heat and creating comfort even in the most severe frosts.

The beret's versatile design is suitable for both casual outings and more formal events, easily combining with any clothing style. This makes it a versatile accessory. A knitted beret is not just a source of warmth, but also a bright, fashionable accent to your look. A variety of color options allows you to choose a model to suit your taste, giving you confidence and protection from the elements, making your winter truly warm and stylish.

The product should be washed by hand at a temperature not exceeding 35-40 degrees Celsius with a light spin. It is recommended to dry flat on a soft cloth. Please note that color and hue (brightness, contrast, saturation) may vary depending on monitor settings and lighting.


  • Size: Universal

  • Beret semicircle, cm: 21

  • Beret height, cm: 23

  • Availability of decorations: Brand logo on the side

  • Knitting type: Medium

  • Fabric stretch: Medium

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